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3rd Annual Hood Canal Summer’s End Celebration!

September 6, 2015

We greatly enjoyed celebrating all that a fabulous summer on Hood Canal has to offer again this year at our third annual Hood Canal Summer’s End party on Labor Day Sunday.

In addition to crab beignets and Hood Canal culinary selections by our Executive Chef, Josh Delgado, guests savored local food and drink from Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, Dos Margaritas, Union Square Deli, Hardware Distillery and Hoodsport Winery.

Kids of all ages created their own Gyotaku painting and participated in our complimentary plein air painting classes led by local Artist, Rob Kamin.

Local Artists showcased their work and provided authentic Hood Canal Summer souvenirs in a range of media:

Garments: Jeannie Koonce, Denise Beckwith, Penny Orth, Jim Anderson, Kirk Endicott
Accessories & Jewelry: Gayle Burke, Norm McVeigh, Nora Haugan, Esther Cunningham
Paintings & Prints: Rob Kamin, Tracy Martin, Melissa Alexandria, Mary Ann Watson, Mark Dalton, BriAnne Waite, Laura Neal, Howard Leggett, Amber Williamson
Photography: George Stenberg
Sculpture: Harro Scharbau, Patty Emmert, Timothy Keyzers, Angela Perriman, Robyn Patterson, Jan Barrett

Guests perused local shopping options from Union City Market and adventures with Hood Canal Events.

While Musicians, Biff Moss and Northwest Chill strummed and sang, guests swayed to the music and celebrated another amazing summer on Hood Canal.

We look forward to celebrating Hood Canal Summer’s End on Labor Day weekend Sunday, September 4th, 2016!

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