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A Quintessential Northwest Wedding Destination: Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Guests have been celebrating nuptials at Alderbrook Resort & Spa since 1913. Enjoy this lovely video and post by Unified Cinematic of a summer wedding at our property.
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What I love most about wedding videography is that every video is a chance to try new things. When I spoke to Heidi and Zubin about their video before the wedding, I asked them what was most important to them and they gave me these requests: they wanted the video to be about their friends and family, not just them; they wanted the video feature nature; they wanted music to match the happiness of the occasion; and Heidi wanted absolutely no makeup shots 😉

What begins as a set of challenges becomes a source of inspiration. With each creative decision, I used a new set of guidelines in deciding what to do, and the video that was made reflects something that none of us would have created on our own, without that sense of collaboration. Alderbrook Resort provided ample opportunity to showcase nature and the surrounding beauty of the area. There were also lots of hidden gems on the resort property, such as the covered walkway where we filmed Heidi and Zubin walking together. The resort almost feels like a luxury summer camp, with cabins, tents, and magnificent trees providing a rich backdrop along with the lakeside.
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