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Beer Dinner

Thank you to everyone that joined us at our 1st annual Beer Dinner on June 16th, 2017! We had a great time sharing this event with all of our guests. Please enjoy some words about the event from Sarah Markiewicz, Duo Public Relations for Alderbrook Resort & Spa.

“To start the meal off, Chef Joshua Delgado shared about his inspiration behind the menu. The menu was heavily inspired by “staples” that we so often eat, especially as kids. Being Father’s Day weekend, Chef Josh decided to highlight some of the fun foods that we ate as children with our dads – but in an escalated way. Pulling inspiration from simple staple dishes like eggs and bacon, peanut butter and jelly, or hot dog with fries, Chef Josh was able to take guests on a journey through their taste buds back to that carefree time in our lives. Chef Josh did a great job in preparing the menu and all of the dishes were beautifully served with the escalated taste, presentation and array of ingredients in them.

The representative from FishTale Brewery also provided insight into how he chose each beer that he decided to pair with the individual dishes, while describing tasting notes, answering lots of questions and sharing his personal experience in the brewing industry.”


“bacon & eggs”
house cured tempura porkbelly / maple kombucha pickled farm egg
paired with: Summer Full Blast Ale

“fish & chips”
herb marinated northwest halibut / pretzel spätzle / warm tartar sauce
paired with: Private Label Battlebrook Saison

“chicken & waffles”
chicken confit / washington amaretto cherry waffles / cherry gastrique
paired with: Fish Tale Organic Porter

“hot dog & fries”
northwest wagyu sausage & foie gras / brioche bun / pickled fries
paired with: Hodgsons Bitter End IPA

“peanut butter & jelly”
compressed berries / summer hill farms hazelnut butter / house made “wonder” bread
paired with: Spire Blackberry Pear Cider

Enjoy photos of the event below!

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