3 Reasons To Hit The Ball At The Alderbrook Golf Course...and stay at the Alderbrook Resort & Spa

In northwest Washington, along the banks of the Hood Canal, sits the sprawling Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club as well as the stunning Alderbrook Spa and Resort. Sitting in the shadows of the majestic Olympia Mountains, both destinations have become known for their hospitality as well as the wide variety of activities available to visitors. 

A mere 90 minutes from Seattle, the area of Union, Washington that surrounds the Spa and Golf Club is known for its unique shopping as well as delicious cuisine. Fresh seafood is the heart of the nearby Hama Hama area that is the highlight for visiting foodies. 

Today, I wanted to share the highlights of my last visit at the Alderbrook Golf Course: here are three reasons to hit the ball at the Alderbrook Golf Course and book a stay at the Alderbrook Resort & Spa. 
3 Reasons to Play at the Alderbrook Golf Club 

1. The 18-hole course offers a scenic layout that never disappoints 

Built in 1965, the Alderbrook Golf Club features 18 holes set against the Olympia Mountains. Commonly ranked among the best public courses in Washington state, the Alderbrook Golf Course reaches a very playable 6300 yards from the tips. 

Holes on the course are sculpted through land covered by sky-scraping pine trees and are tailored to take advantage of the breathtaking surroundings. 

[Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/UNcE6pQ9nLI

My honest opinion after playing on the course: The scenic highlight of the course is the 18th hole where the golfer plays into an open area worthy of a postcard. The snow-capped Olympia Mountains stand tall behind the green, with a lower valley that is lined with the lushest evergreen and fir trees that run as far as the eye can see. Perfect for a day trip with fellow golfers. 

Why you’d want to stay at the Resort & Spa: Because of the incredible scenery, it’s as if one of the best National Parks in America was right outside your door. On top of this, the Olympic National Park is 20 minutes away and offers views of glaciers, mountains, rainforests, wildlife and the ocean but you can see all of that at the Olympic National Park. Perfect before or after a golf game. 

2.) Affordable green fees for golfers of any skill level 

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping feature of the Alderbrook Golf Club is how inexpensive it is to play! With green fees that rarely get higher than $30, I spent less than $50, including cart, to play one of the most scenic and entertaining golf courses in Washington. 

With your green fee, the Club also includes full use of the pro shop and driving range. If you are interested in a quick lesson to fine-tune your swing before the round, then you are in luck because the Club offers that as well. This was really nice for me. 

My honest opinion on the tee times prices: I have gone to a lot of golf courses now, even the most famous ones. The prices offered here are incredible - and the low price doesn’t lead to lower quality. Highly recommend it, especially if you are a beginner golfer on a budget. 

Why you would want to stay at the Resort & Spa: on top of low prices for the golf course, the Resort & Spa also offers incredible value for the price. This way you can enjoy a truly memorable stay, without breaking the bank. 
3.) Playing the course will never disappoint because the layout offers one of the most unique hole experiences in the Pacific Northwest 

In addition to the grand view offered by the 18th hole, the Alderbrook Golf Club offers one of the most distinct holes that I have ever played. 

The hole that golfers can’t stop talking about once they finish their round is the long par-5 8th. This 530-yard hole has not one but two doglegs to navigate. Golfers will only have about 180 yards to land their tee shot before the hole makes a dramatic 90-degree turn to their right. 

From there they have another 180 yards of landing area before a left turn leaves a 150-yard shot into the green. With a fairway buffered by trees, any wayward shot left me with no choice but to pitch out in the fairway and lose my chance at par. 

The brilliant hole layout rewards the golfer who exercises restraint but punishes the impatient. Regardless of how you play the hole the first time, you’ll want to turn around and give it another try. 

My honest opinion on the 18th hole: honestly when I got there, it was breathtaking. The scenery is simply incredible. Comparable with other famous golf courses known for their scenery. 

Why you’d want to stay at the Spa & Resort: After giving everything you’ve got on the course, especially on this breathtaking hole, you can come back and relax at the Spa. 


The Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club offers an amazing experience for the golfer looking for a unique layout surrounded by the best that nature has to offer. With affordable rates, travelers looking to snag a quick 18 holes won’t be disappointed with the bargain the course provides. 

For those looking for a spot of pampering, then the Alderbrook Spa and Resort can create a warm and inviting atmosphere to remove stress and enhance relaxation. With hundreds of ways to spend a day, the surrounding area around the Resort offers culture and cuisine that can only be found in the Pacific Northwest. 

Whether you are planning a vacation with a detour for a quick 18 holes or looking for a way to relieve stress, the Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club coupled with the Alderbrook Spa and Resort can fulfill everyone of your vacation desires.