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All Levels and Yoga Retreat

Diversify your practice with our new All Levels Yoga class taught by Michelle Pugh. Class will be held on Mondays at 7PM, starting June 12th on the shores of Hood Canal! This class will be held on the Waterfront Checkerboard. Some yoga mats are provided. Please dress in layers for added comfort and bring a blanket or towel for additional support if preferred. Pre-registration is required for non-resort guests at $80 per person for the session. Class is complimentary for resort guests and “gold” members. Registration is now open at

Invigorate your yoga practice at our yoga retreat on Saturday, July 29th from 10AM to 4PM. Explore stand up paddleboard yoga for beginners, restorative yoga, meditation, and more. Our yoga retreat will be led by Michelle Pugh and Rebekah Brems. Beginners welcome! Registration is now open at

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