Raikes Beef Co Debut on Menu

The Raikes family places a deep care for the quality of products and services. From the Nebraska family farm started in 1901, to ownership of northwestern iconic destination Alderbrook Resort & Spa, the Raikes Family Farm welcomes you to their family table. Please follow us as we embark on a culinary journey to tell stories from the Raikes family farm table.

Raikes Beef Co. offers USDA Prime beef that is born, raised, and harvested in Nebraska. We opened the doors to our farm to table beef shop, located in historic downtown Ashland, in May 2017. The Raikes family started their journey west across the United States in the early 1800s and ultimately settled in the Nebraska Territory in 1854. In 1900, Levi Carter Raikes moved to his 160 acre homestead north of Ashland, which still serves as the center of our farming operation today.

Our beef is a thoughtfully crafted Japanese Brown Wagyu – Angus hybrid raised on our farm in Ashland, Nebraska. Wagyu means “Japanese cow”, a breed which is genetically predisposed for their intense fat marbling. Our crossbreed, referred to as American Wagyu and American Style Kobe Beef, yield meat that has a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids compared to cattle more commonly found in the US. Our cattle are grass fed, grain finished, and always hormone free. Raikes Farm is involved in every step of the process, bringing high quality beef direct from the source – our farm.

On November 14th, please join us in the Restaurant as the Raikes Family Beef Co. burger, filet and ribeye are presented on our menu.