Cooking in Culinary Adventures at Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Canal Cookout

Come party with us at Union City Market!

Le Coin Takover

April 19th

Le Coin Restaurant is partnering with Alderbrook Resort & Spa for it's 2nd annual Hood Canal take over. It will be an evening of open-flame cooking celebrating the regional flavors of Hood Canal. Executive Chef Joshua Delgado and his team will keep your plate full of bites sourced nearby, highlighting hyper-local oysters and shellfish, Pacific Northwest Wagyu, sockeye salmon, seasonal produce, and of course thoughtful libations.


Grab a plate!

Canal Cookouts are BACK! Taste authentic, Pacific Northwest fare through our interactive, beach-side feast. Located at the historic Hood Canal Marina. Union City Market offers rustic, Hood Canal culinary experiences certain to be remembered.

Watch the sunset behind the Olympic Mountains while chatting with the chef and the team as they prepare locally sourced, seasonally inspired delights.

  • April 20th  – Here With the Tide
  • July 20th  – Neptune's Feast