Cooking in Culinary Adventures at Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Canal Cookout

Come party with us at Union City Market!

Join us for our next beachside feast.

Watch the sunset behind the Olympic Mountains while chatting with the chef and the team as they prepare locally sourced, seasonally inspired delights.

Enjoy some musical ambiance for you as you enjoy seasonal fare and the best view in Washington! 

Come raise a glass to another beautiful summer on Hood Canal! 

Spa Overture

April 18th

The Spa Overture is a wellness journey across our scenic property that takes you into a deeper level of relaxation as you move though each station.

Feed your mind & soul at the Spa Overture before you head to Union City Market to feed your body at the Canal Cookout!

Email us below for more details.


Grab a plate!

Taste authentic, Pacific Northwest fare through our interactive, beach-side feast. Located at the historic Hood Canal Marina. Union City Market offers rustic, Hood Canal culinary experiences certain to be remembered.

  • April 18th 6:00 PM – Feast of Gonakadet (Feast of the Sea Wolf)