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Don’t Just Book Events, Create Memories and Lifelong Clients!

Throughout my fifteen years in the meeting and event industry I have seen many trends come and go, but one thing remains constant, and that is the desire for a return on the investment.  Companies that are willing to invest in their people, in the form of retreats and offsite events, need to know they are spending their money wisely.  Likewise, families planning weddings and celebratory events want to impress friends and family, and ensure a good value while doing so.

I view event management as a partnership working together to ensure the value is high, and that they see a return on their investment, not only of money, but also time.  At Alderbrook, my goal when working with event planners is to combine a magical space, excellent service, a fantastic culinary experience, and unique activities, to help them achieve their goals.  If the attendees have a truly memorable experience while they are here, they are more likely to bring that back to the office with them and execute on what they learned in the meeting room.   If a wedding attendee is impressed, they are likely to talk about that event for years, which makes the bride and groom beam with pride, and helps us book more events through word of mouth.

A foraging walk with the chef to learn about local mushrooms, or a painting class with a local artist go a long way to helping build these memories.  Shucking your first raw oyster freshly harvested from our beach is something many guests never forget.  A cruise aboard Lady Alderbrook under the shadow of the Olympic Mountains is an amazing way to see the area, and one your guests are likely to remember.  Team building while geocaching on our private trail system is a wonderful way to get the team to bond.  We have many interesting and authentic ways to build an event that will maximize the attendees experience and in turn, the return on the investment for the planner.

Each event is unique, and each client has a specific set of needs, and goals.  Listening to what those are, and partnering with them to create an experience that helps achieve those goals will go far in building your business.  It also makes your job more fun when you take this approach!  Don’t just book events, create memories and lifelong clients.

Mark has been with Alderbrook Resort since the reopening in 2004. He has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, working in restaurants, private clubs, and hotels. Mark has held several positions at the Alderbrook, including Banquet Manager, Food and Beverage Director, and Director of Catering. For the past several years, Mark has been the Director of Sales. Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and kayaking.

Contact Mark at: or 360.204.4776. 

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