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Finnriver Farm & Cidery Launches Private Label Batch, Selkie Cider, for Alderbrook Resort & Spa!

As part of the edible landscape aspect of their culinary program, Executive Chef, Josh Delgado, has partnered with Cider Makers at Finnriver Farm and Cidery to create their first private label batch of hard cider, called Selkie Cider, in honor of the endearing seals that make Hood Canal a special Pacific Northwestern experience.

Local Artist, Robert Kamin, painted this label in order to depict the whimsical story told on the back of the label. This original painting will be on display at Alderbrook Resort & Spa.


For over 100 years, guests at Alderbrook Resort & Spa have marveled at the playful seals that grace our dock and waters. Scottish folklore calls these aquatic guests ‘Selkies,’ who live in the sea at night and then shed their skins to walk the shore by day. We invite you to drink in the beauty of the Hood Canal with this bottle of oak-aged sparkling cider, made with a select blend of organic Washington apples by our friends at Finnriver. Let’s raise a glass to the Selkies among us!


Selkie Cider will be available in 375 mL and 750 mL bottles at the inaugural culinary event, CiderHood, on October 23rd and 24th at Alderbrook Resort & Spa.




This is a crisp pallet refreshing cider made with organic WA state apples. The apples are bright and green in the nose with gentle undertones of earth and leather connecting the drinker to the barrel. 3 months in American Oak barrels to mellow the malic acid in to a sweeping mouthfeel of apples and wood. With hints of vanilla, black pepper and sauteed mushrooms on the finish, Alderbrook bin Finnriver is a polished and refined delivery of oak and apple, ready to cleanse a pallet with tart acidity and smooth out a thoughtful moment in between bites.

Organic Granny smith and Pink Lady apples grown in Eastern WA,

Fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures to capture the full ester profile from the Pink Lady apples

American Oak barrels that previously aged a blend of Bittersweet cider (meaning this cider harvested the residual tannin from those bitter cider apples)

Off dry (SG points at 4/ 1.004)

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