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Experience the high-tech treasure hunt known as Geocaching as you explore Alderbrook Resort & Spa and search for hidden containers leading to prizes!

To Begin:

  • Start the adventure at our Activities desk from 10AM-4PM with a 10 minute orientation
  • Check out a Garmin Handheld GPS receiver from the activities desk and sign the waiver (one per team). Although geocaching is a complimentary activity, we do charge a $150 replacement fee for lost or damaged GPS units. Be sure to leave a working cellphone number in case we need to contact you!
  • Check out a clue booklet
  • Click on “orientation” to get started



I have never been geocaching before, can I do it?

Absolutely! You don’t need any experience at all to go geocaching.

How hard is it?

The clues are challenging but not difficult. The caches are hidden well and the terrain gets more difficult on the difficult course. We recommend adults or older teens accompany smaller children wanting to participate.

How long does it take?

We now offer three unique courses:

  • The Easy Course: A family friendly adventure and a great way to explore the resort.
  • The Hiking Course: An exciting hiking trail treasure hunt for adventurous trekkers.
  • The Race Course: Up to six teams set out to solve puzzles and find the finish line.

Easy Course: Just under one mile / Average completion time: 1.5 hours

Hiking Course: Approximately 2.5 miles /  Average completion time: 3 hours

Race Course: Approximately 1/2 mile / Average completion time: less than 1 hour


What do I need?

A GPS unit and clue booklet, which you can check out at the Activities desk daily, 10am-4pm

Do I need the GPS unit or can I just use my phone?

Sorry, at this time, you need the GPS unit too. This is Alderbrook Resort & Spa’s private course so it is not loaded on any public geocaching apps.

What does a cache look like?

Absolutely anything! A cache could be hidden in a tree, rock or underwater! So be sure to pay extra attention to the clues. Check out the cabinet in the lobby to get an idea of what a cache looks like.


How do I find out more about geocaching? is the ultimate source for geocaching information. Please see our activities desk for more information.


Geo-goodies “take one-leave one”

At the final destination of each course we have prizes for the kids. Or for those familiar with geocaching traditions, you can bring your own goodies to trade with caches.


The goal of the course is to find each cache and solve the puzzle. The GPS unit has the names of all the waypoints where the caches are hidden. Here’s the catch: we don’t give you their names. We give you the name of the first one and then you have to find a cache to discover the name of the next one.


Caches could look like anything. We have bison tubes, birdhouses, magnetic switch plates and even fake logs! Visit the geocaching cabinet in the lobby to get a better idea. Once you have found a cache, open it to find the clue inside and please put it back exactly as you found it.

In each cache you’ll find the name of the next cache. Some caches will also have part of a cipher e.g. A=1, B=2. Be sure to write these down.

Clue Booklet

The GPS unit will navigate you within 20 feet of the hidden cache. When your GPS unit indicates proximity, review the word clue in your booklet. Observe the picture clue, as it was captured within 10 feet of the cache you are looking for. The booklet also includes challenges, so please read carefully. Everything needed to solve the challenge is included in the booklet. After the first challenge, the clues are not named but the booklet clues are in the correct order.  Do the clues in order to complete the adventure.


Turn the GPS unit on

Press and hold the button labeled “light” until you see the word “Garmin” on your screen.

Find Your 1st Cache

  • Find the thumb stick. It moves like a joystick and clicks like a mouse.
  • On the menu screen, select “where to?” using the thumb stick (if it says “find another”, click again)
  • Click on “waypoints”
  • Scroll down and Click on EASYSTART, then click again when you see “go” (if it says “arriving at #WAYPOINT NAME”, click “ok”)
  • Click the back button (if the list of waypoints comes up instead of the menu, then you didn’t do the last step correctly)
  • Go down and click on “compass” (if you don’t see the “compass” icon, simply click “back” again)
    • The arrow tells you which direction to go. Once you get outside, walk any direction for a few feet, and the satellite will lock on your location and the arrow will point in the direction you should go. Remember to stay on the trails! The trail names are in your booklet as part of the clue.
    • More important is the “dist to next”. That number will decrease the closer you get to the cache. When you are about 20 feet away, look at the booklet for the clue to help you find the cache

Find Your Next Cache

  • Press the “back” button
  • Toggle up to “Where To?”
  • Select “Find Another”
  • Select “waypoints”
  • Select the name of the next waypoint.
  • Click “Go”
  • Click the Back button
    • IF
      • The “go” appears again, you didn’t click it the first time. Click it.
      • You see an icon named “Compass”, select it
      • You don’t see an icon named “Compass”, click the back button again

Program Coordinates into the GPS Unit

  • Press “back” until you reach the menu screen
  • Select “Where to”
  • Select “Coordinates”
  • To change coordinates: use the arrow buttons to scroll over until you get to the number you want to change
    • Use the number buttons to change the numbers
    • Select “Done”
    • Hit “back”
    • Scroll down and select “Compass”
    • Follow the compass until you reach the Final Cache