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Invigorate Skin with an Aromatherapy Salt Glow in our Spa

Here at Alderbrook, the Spa team strives to capture elements of nature and bring them into our beautiful treatment rooms, allowing our guests to close their eyes and be transported to a wellness wonderland, featuring elements from our gorgeous trails and our pristine Hood Canal. When building the menu of offerings at the Spa, we take a multifaceted approach, concocting services that are not only luxurious and pampering, but also make wellness the priority. We do this by offering services composed of natural and organic products, aimed to treat not only the body but mind as well.

One of our favorite services offered at the Spa is our Aromatherapy Salt Glow, which features organic Sea Salt, rich in trace minerals. Through the gentle buffing done by our Spa team’s expert therapists, dry and dull skin is removed, revealing skin that is smooth and summer ready. Through the use of essential oils, selected by the guest, the service is customized to aid in natural healing. As the salt scrub is washed away, organic and raw shea butter is massaged into the skin, giving you the perfect dose of moisture. And moisture is the key to healthy and luscious skin!

Whether you are needing a little lavender to aid in relaxation, or blood orange essential oils to help energize and invigorate, the Spa has just what you need. We invite you to visit the Spa and experience this custom service, letting our first-class therapists indulge your senses and ease your mind.


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