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Private Label Whiskey, the Blue Ox Blend, Launching New Year’s Eve!

Alderbrook Resort & Spa is proud to partner with Seattle’s OOLA Distillery in the launch of a privately blended whiskey, the Blue Ox Blend. The Blue Ox Blended whiskey will be launched on New Year’s Eve at their party, the Bootlegger’s Hood Canal Haul aboard their private yacht, the Lady Alderbrook and at their Marina location, the Union City Market. Tickets are $125 per person and include the boat ride, several courses paired with beverages, live entertainment and a midnight fireworks show. Space is limited to 40 guests and tickets can be purchased online HERE. A 10% discount on New Year’s Eve accommodations is available with ticket purchase. Please call 360.898.2145 for more information.


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Blue Ox Blended Whiskey by OOLA Distillery

During the Prohibition, loggers, farmhands, gentlemen and ladies left their inhibitions at the door to drink deeply and dance the night away at the Blue Ox dance hall, nestled on Hood Canal’s highway 106.  Opened by a former Seattle policeman turned bootlegger and named after Paul Bunyan’s companion, bootleggers found respite at the Blue Ox before continuing their haul back to Seattle.

Drink deeply and revel in an authentic Hood Canal libation through the Blue Ox Blended Whiskey!

Bottled exclusively by Seattle’s OOLA Distillery-Blue Ox combines rich high rye Canadian Whiskey, deep Highland Scotch and sweet American Bourbon mash bill.

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