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Start each month fresh at our monthly full moon yoga class.

Start each month fresh at our monthly full moon yoga class.

by Michelle Pugh, Owner of Joonbug Yoga & Yoga Instructor at Alderbrook Resort & Spa

The warm Summer sun sets and we pause to take in the deepest breath we have taken all day … then release and let go by emptying our lungs completely. Becoming aware of the whole body as waves softly crash on the shores of Hood Canal we take time to reflect on the previous lunar cycle through a gentle flow yoga practice where everyone is welcome to bring their fullest expression of their authentic self under the twilight of the evening sky. This is full moon yoga! A mindful practice designed to awaken and refresh the body, mind and spirit through breath, movement and relaxation.

Taking time for ourselves is not always convenient yet when we experience a deep cleansing breath we are reminded of how precious that “pause” can be. We can not give from an empty cup. In order to fill what is empty and empty what is full we must develop a consistent self care practice. Just like that warm breath of fresh Summer air, a regular full moon yoga practice can be a soothing time to look forward to each month for gentle reflection and time for renewal.

It is during the full moon lunar cycle that light is shed on what has come to fruition during the previous cycle. Aware of our intentions under the brilliant energy of the full moon we open up to new experiences. This is the time to let go of things that do not serve our highest potential. We may ask ourselves honestly under the light of the moon “how can I be kinder to myself and others” or “what does my heart need today”? This can be a lovely time for self reflection and a healthy reminder to treat ourselves and others with compassion. By letting go of unhealthy patterns we can allow the true essence of our well being shimmer and move ahead gracefully in the celebration of what is to come in the month ahead.

Let the full moon replenish your energy during a mindful yoga practice when the moon is at its fullest expression! Like the full moon, our breath and yoga poses should ebb and flow intuitively with hip and heart opening yoga postures (ie. butterfly, pigeon pose, etc.). Be gentle with yourself during this time by eating healthy, hydrating often and listening to your intuition throughout your practice to receive the full benefits of the evening. To bring closure to the full moon yoga practice, we close our eyes and bathe in the warm Summer breeze, feeling the support of the full moon. Breathe in the intentions set at the beginning of the practice as the moon energizes your entire being with a fresh sense of vitality inside and out. Welcome opportunities for health, abundance and happiness available to us at any given moment under the light of the full moon!


Year-round, Michelle teaches a weekly aqua yoga class, every Tuesday, in our saltwater pool as well as a weekly waterfront yoga class, every Friday, on our waterfront checkerboard or pool house, depending on the weather. Every full moon, she also teaches a full moon yoga class on our waterfront.  Yoga classes are complimentary to overnight guests and $10 for non-hotel guests.  All levels of practice are welcome.  Advanced reservations are not required and payment for the class can be made at the hotel’s Front Desk. Please call 360.898.2145 for more information.

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