Spa Specials



A restorative treatment that includes a fresh summer-herb
and organic sugar exfoliation, massage, grooming and
polish of your choice to create soft, kissable feet

60 minutes ~ $80



Fresh and fun this summertime treat combines locally harvested
mint, lavender essential oil and Dead Sea Salts in an
invigorating full-body exfoliation and includes a silky hydrating
body cream to finish for smooth, glowing skin. Complete with a
rejuvenating express facial, this treatment will unveil a more
luminous complexion from head to toe.

90 minutes ~ $165

*fresh mint courtesy of the gardens at Harmony Hill



Designed to calm the mind and soothe the skin after a long summer’s day.
A skin-soothing milk & honey bath soak to calm & hydrate over-exposed skin,
followed by a cooling Aloe body-wrap will restore the body to it’s pre-sun
vigor. Complete with stress-relieving scalp massage to leave you relaxed
and renewed.

60 minutes ~ $135