Black & white image of deck overlooking the lake near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

History of Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Learn The Story of Our Luxury Resort & Spa in Union, Washington

A beloved Union, WA destination since 1913, Alderbrook Resort & Spa is one of the premier luxury resorts in Washington State. Perched on the banks of the Hood Canal, our resort offers seasonal, Northwest fare through thoughtfully-sourced partners and inspired service. 

The Story

Vintage image of a man posing by the Alderbrook Resort & Spa


In 1913, there were no roads in existence leading to the resort, so guests arrived by canoe. Twelve years later, the business was sold to Clara Eastwood and Eloise Flagg, known affectionately as the “Alderbrook Girls.” The accommodations? Think tent frames with orange and black striped canvas sides. Wood stoves. A place where guests put their butter and milk into the creek to keep them cold. 

After World War II

After World War II, the Alderbrook Girls sold the resort to the Schafer Logging and Lumber Company. Twenty-one new cottages were built. For the next fifty-plus years, Alderbrook changed hands a few times, including a brief stint as a Christian conference center. In 2001, it was bought by North Forty Lodging. 

Exterior view of Alderbrook Resort & Spa after World War II
A man grabbing water pail by the shore at Alderbrook Resort & Spa


The Alderbrook Girls would be amazed by the resort today. Virtually everything onsite has been redesigned and rebuilt. The cottages and lodge have been remodeled. Beautifully refurbished, the indoor canal-front swimming pool and whirlpool provide visitors with endless enjoyment. Gorgeous landscaping design includes a revitalized stream for salmon habitat with resting pools that run throughout the property. 

Alderbrook Resort & Spa continues to personify the Northwest

Luxury aside, Alderbrook Resort & Spa continues to personify the Northwest. The smell of cedar lingers in the air while eagles soar overhead. Sitting on the shore, you can easily imagine someone pulling a milk bottle from the water and almost savor the sweet taste of ice-cold milk on a summer afternoon. 

Vintage image of family lounging by the lake at Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Our Promise to You

At Alderbrook Resort & Spa, we are dedicated to becoming your cherished destination in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled, personalized service that consistently exceeds your expectations, embracing a culture where "Yes, of course" is not just a phrase but a way of life.