Things to Do in Washington State

Discover Endless Adventure & Activities During Your Stay

Nestled on the pristine shores of Hood Canal, Alderbrook Resort & Spa stands as the ultimate destination to fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating things to do that Washington State has to offer. Whether you're seeking family-friendly adventures or a serene escape into nature, our resort is your gateway to a memorable Pacific Northwest getaway. For families, our activities cater to all ages, from scavenger hunts to bonfires by the beach, ensuring everyone is entertained. 

A diverse ecosystem

As you venture beyond our doors, Hood Canal presents a playground of outdoor adventures. Kayak through the glassy waters, hike the lush forest trails, or cast a line for some of the region's finest fishing. The canal's diverse ecosystem offers wildlife enthusiasts opportunities to spot seals, eagles, and more. Return to the comfort of our resort, where luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, and a rejuvenating spa await, making Alderbrook the perfect base for your Washington State adventure.

Distant view of Alderbrook Resort & Spa by the lake with yachts


Explore Hood Canal from our Waterfront Center aboard our array of watercraft options. Choose from a yacht, hydro-bike, stand up paddleboard, kayak and more with our expert marine staff for an incredible boating journey. 

Nature Trails

Get out and enjoy Alderbrook's beautiful nature trails!  

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Washington State by exploring the extensive hiking and nature trails that surround Alderbrook Resort & Spa. Traverse through lush, old-growth forests, where towering trees create a majestic canopy overhead. As you wander along these scenic pathways, you'll have the chance to witness the rich biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest, making each hike a memorable journey into the heart of nature's wonderland. 

There is a trail hike for every age and skill level along with a private Geocaching Course and Shinrin Yoku-a Forest Meditation.  

Three people hiking in a forest trail near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Local Destinations

Enjoy all Union has to offer!

Dalby Water Wheel

Keep your eyes peled for this iconic piece of history right across the street from us!

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Union Square Deli

This local deli offers coffee, ice cream, and a variety of delicious meal options!

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Exterior of Union City Market near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Union City Market

Union City Market is a renovated historic shopping and event venue inside a working marina.

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Charters docked on the canal at night near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Hood Canal Marina

Hood Canal Marina offers complete marina services including valvetect marine unleaded gas and diesel. Our fuel contains no ethynol.

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Table with two mojitos and snacks in the Hook & Fork dining area by the lake near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Dos Margaritas

Union's favorite spot for authentic Mexican food and margaritas!

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Exterior of Hood Canalé near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Hood Canalé

Check out a local wood fired pizzeria where they offer beer wine. Just 2 minutes down the road!

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People in Hook & Fork dining area by the lake near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Hook & Fork

Hook & Fork, a public dining offering, showcases a rotating menu of seasonal ingredients Thursday - Sunday, throughout the year. Savor local food & drink created by Hook & Fork Chef, Sara Harvey. 

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