Wooden bridge over a stream in a forest near Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Nature Trails

A Woodland Wonderland Since 1913

Get out and enjoy Alderbrook's beautiful nature trails! 

There is a trail hike for every age and skill level along with a private Geocaching Course and Shinrin Yoku-a Forest Meditation. 



A perfect place to enjoy the morning sun on the Olympic Mountains or stretch your legs after dinner.


Meander past the base of giant firs that escaped the logger’s saw for the last century. Wear sturdy footwear and expect to duck under a fallen tree.


Our most remote trail offers several loop options and two fun creek crossings. A short side trip leads to a peek-a-book view of Hood Canal.


An even longer route to the top, this trail explores interesting boardwalks and bridges. The Licorice Fern sprouts on tree trunks after a rain and disappears in dry weather. See if you can spot it along the way.


If you feel like a longer hike, follow this trail to the top of the hill. Along the way, you will dip in and out of the creek valley before climbing to a sweeping view of Hood Canal and the Olympics.

Shinrin Yoku Forest Meditation Poster, Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Experience Shinrin Yoku, a Forest Meditation

Shinrin Yoku is about two dynamics:

One includes the benefits to the forest, especially the most researched one, the phytoncides, or essential oils and their healthful effect on our systems..

The other dynamic is our awareness of these benefits. These benefits increase as awareness increases. Feel free to play. Be like a curious, joyful child. Revel, let yourself be distracted. For goodness sake, have FUN!

Geocache on Our Private Course

Experience the high-tech treasure hunt, known as Geocaching, as you explore Alderbrook Resort & Spa and search for hidden containers leading to prizes! This is a complimentary hotel guest experience. Visit the conceirge or front desk to begin.

High-tech equipment used for treasure hunt at Alderbrook Resort
Tiny bird house in nature trails at Alderbrook Resort & Spa
3 people walking in the woods at Alderbrook Resort & Spa
Close-up of hands with a chit at Alderbrook Resort & Spa
Aerial view of the Alderbrook Resort & Spa and the forest
Aerial view of the Alderbrook Resort & Spa and the forest

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